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DJ 440 is a Brazilian artist and researcher of rare Brazilian cultural expressions. He has more than 18 years of career dedicated to spreading tropical music, intertwined with African and Latin sounds. His strong world references have established himself as one of the most representative and active Brazilian DJs of his generation. DJ 440 is the creator of Terça do Vinil (“Vinyl Tuesday”), one of the most recognized cultural projects in the country, which will soon celebrate 15 years of weekly and uninterrupted performance in Pernambuco, a state in the northeast of Brazil. With more than 500 editions, he performed in countless public spaces, offering music to people for free.



DJ 440 has also performed at major festivals and events such as BOILER ROOM Stay True Brazil, Rec Beat Festival, Eletronika Festival, among others. He has also played at events such as RED BULL SOUNDCLASH, 3 MUSIC WITHOUT FLASH and BATIDA VERTICAL, in addition to releasing three compilations for the Red Bull Music Academy Radio: BRASIL DO FUTURO (2009), SHIRT 10 (2010), specially produced for the World Cup, and NORDESTE INDEPENTENTE (2011). More recently, he led the track at the Recbeat Festival, at Carnival 2019, reaching an audience of around 60 thousand people during the apotheotic closure of the festival.


DJ 440 first performed in Europe during a 2018 tour, including the official Festa Junina of the City of Berlin, the Room75 project, in Madrid, and in the Brazilian Fever Nights party, and Gandaia - Música Brasileña Roots & Club, in Barcelona. He also played at the famous Le Petit Bain, in Paris, and in New York City and Miami when it comes to the United States.


In 2019, the artist embarked on another tour of Europe and the United States, presenting his work in the cities of Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Lisbon, Paris, Berlin, where he performed at YAAM, opening the Criolo concert, and also in Miami and New York.


In 2020, the artist participated at the closing night of the Recife Carnival in the main stage of the celebration, Marco Zero. DJ 440 reached an audience of over 300 thousand people during that specific Terça do Vinil; this was in fact the first ever party label to officially participate at the traditional Carnival in Pernambuco. Known as one of the main and largest carnivals in Brazil, this was the apex of his career, which in 2021 celebrates 14 years of activity.

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