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Besides DJing, DJ 440 is also a producer and has some parties in his career.

VINYL TUESDAY     14 years

Year of 2007. An old phonograph, just over 30 records, small talk with friends and a few beers in a well-known bar in Olinda. What seven years ago started as a joke, today is the infamous TERÇA DO VINYL project, which has gradually become part of the city, a traditional program for local night owls and tourists from the most diverse locations and nationalities. Starting in Olinda and currently anchored in Recife, every Tuesday night of the year, classics of Brazilian Music, Rarities and News in the Phonographic environment move the nights of the Brazilian Venice.

The project also allows for musical exchange, regularly receiving various guests, including local, national and international DJs, collectors and artists who love black cookies, which makes each night of the project unique.

In 2013 the project was elected by VEJA magazine as the best club during the week (Melhores da Cidade 2013/2014).

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Cubana de Rua is a project to spread Latin music through the occupation of public spaces. In Recife, an initiative that has the Cuban rhythm as its matrix, is carried out by in the Beberibe neighborhood, in the North Zone of the capital of Pernambuco, where Latin rhythms are the stars of the night for those who like to dance. Taking place for over 25 years in Alto Santa Teresinha, the traditional occupation of Latin rhythms in Recife is based at Clube Bela Vista and takes place two to three times a month. Under the command and DJing of the deceased Edinho Jacaré, now deceased, and the resistant Valdir Português, the night these days becomes Cubana, and the dance floor is for those who like to dance together to the sound of salsa, cumbia, bolero, guaracha , pregón, guaguancó and even chorinho. In addition to having been portrayed in television programs, it was recorded in the documentary Desde Cuba Hasta Pernambuco (2005, 31 min.), by director Nilton Pereira, and was the inspiration for the song Bela Vista, by the Olinden group Academia da Berlinda.


At Clube Bela Vista, the hall has no age restrictions – young people, adults and seniors all take the place, and there is only one prerequisite: to enjoy dancing. You don't even need technique, just a little courage to accept the invitation of those who already know. In this scenario, and in order to bring the party closer to Recife people who do not climb the hill and are unaware of the event, cultural producer Juniani Marzani, better known as DJ 440, is inspired by the traditional Cuban nights in Recife's hills and wants to propose an exchange between Havana's roots with the city's most traditional clubbing.


Activities closed

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